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If anyone can refute me, show me I'm making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective, I'll gladly change it. It's the truth I'm after. And the truth never harmed anyone. Stoic. Great. Marcus Aurelius. Welcome to One Man's Way podcast and I. Ricco Suave. Yes. I'll be your host. For a long time, I hesitated to put together this podcast, and I just went back and forth with it.

Back and forth, back and forth. But over the last few years, as I gave my perspective again about moneys and relationships and all that good jazz, the feedback I receive was one that was, Hey, man, I felt that that was genuine, that came from the cavity shows. You know what? You need to get that on a podcast. You ever thought about putting it out there?

Well, here we are. Special shout out to Steve Aaron. And of course, my wife. Those three people gave me a lot of support and encouraged me to make this thing happen.

So who was Ricco? Well, I'm just a dude.

I am just a frat bro at heart. Trust me. Can party and hang with the best of them. But along the way, I had to grow up and grow up very quickly.

So what does that maturation process look like? Well, I'm married. I have children. And along with that, I lead the family.

Never thought, based on how I was raised and where I came from, that I would be playing this particular role in the particular manner that I am.

And this is the perfect segue way into two topics there. We'll be discussing breaking down before this podcast. The first one, Crisis of Masculinity in the West. Oh, yeah. There's a lot to be said about that. You can even loop that in to the modern day dating. Just a frickin cluster. We'll touch on the family dynamic and lack thereof.

It's safe to say. And what about fortifying your future? Because some of you guys are not aware of the options you have. Not even close. Not even close. And with that said, most of this podcast experience is directed to young men who are actually eager to live a life of abundance and sidestepping pitfalls. Listener I'm aware that may not be.

Perhaps you are in a good place in life and that's great. Maybe you don't need to change. So you tell yourself. Cool. We'll roll with that. If this is the case, this podcast is not for you. However, for the brave young souls to look to forge a life of prosperity, to conquer their dreams, and that are looking to level up.

This is for you. You are the hero that's to become. You are the leader that will be. You are one man's way.

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