Right out of the gate, this brew is phenomenal. Nose… check. Body… check. Mouthfeel… check.

Adiós, Ghost is a great representation of a New England style triple IPA. Clocking in around ten percent, it drinks more like a double. This is excellent. In fact, usually, TIPA’s can favor a sweeter profile, which can be a bit overwhelming. That is not the case here. It drinks much lighter and balanced.

The nose is modest but pleasant. Tons of Citra and candied orange peel aromas. Reminiscent of the freshly squeezed orange juice you’d have for breakfast.

The body rivals that of orange juice as well. You get a deep, dense yellow. The mouthfeel is actually a bit more fluffy than expected, which works really well for this product.

The most recent batch of Adiós, Ghost came out in the first quarter of this year. This batch specifically was canned on February 9th. The one before came out around the same time last year, I believe. With that in mind, it’s worth noting when Monkish hints at the return of AD. Without a doubt, this is an elite brew, and you should be seeking it out.